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Who Looks Better, Trump, or Obama?

Having good looks can be quite a lot beneficial for you, it can raise your salary or can make you popular. A study by researchers states that being attractive can help a candidate boost their political careers. Research indicates that Europeans, Americans, and Australians consider that the right-wing politicians are far more attractive than the ones on the left. 

An international research team that is led by the Research Institute of Industrial Economics in Sweden discussed the relationship between attractiveness and a candidate’s political beliefs. The study says that being better in looks can help you earn more and accordingly the richer people oppose the policies that are favored by the left like, progressive taxes and welfare programs.

To prove their point, the researchers showed them the pictures of Finland’s political candidates and asked the viewers to give them a rating based on how attractive they are. When the voters were completely unaware of the candidate’s stature and skills they rated them based on their looks.  

Wang Lin

Wang Lin is a news writer at CapitalBay.News. She regularly covers news and events happening throughout the world across different sectors. Prior to joining CapitalBay.News, she worked as a freelance news writer for 2 years.

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