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General Barr, the US Attorney Warns Against the Left Front

It seems that the specter of Communism still haunts the minds of most of the US citizens, as indicated by the warning statements made by the US Attorney General Barr. General William Barr, the US Attorney, leveled a partisan attack at the Democratic Party of the US Parliament, in his interview, that was aired on Sunday. The Attorney said that the Leftist government only believes in the demolition of the systems and institutions upon which the country is built. He also said that the Left is always in the pursuit of absolute victory as a substitute for religion.

In the interview, General Barr said that he was worried that the new system of in-mail voting might hinder the smoothness of the presidential election, and cause trouble in the re-election of President Trump. In another interview with the conservative Mark Levin, Barr spoke about how the Democrats neglect the values of classical liberalism and follow the principles of the Rousseauian Revolutionary Party that are aimed at the destruction of the classical institutions of the US.

Barr explained about how the Democrats are neither interested in a dialectic exchange of opinions nor compromises. His explanation came as a response to the contentious Hearing at the House Judiciary Committee, where Barr was accused of blindly abiding by Trump’s orders of intervention in high-profile cases and sending federal officers to different cities.

General Barr denies his role in the intervention of “Black Lives Matter” protests before the Democratic lawmakers at the House Judiciary Committee. He has been accused of dispatching federal agents to Portland, Oregon, for the dispersal of protesters and demonstrators, who had gathered to raise their voices against police brutality and racism after the murder of the Black American, George Floyd, at the hands of the police.

Barr said that the existent systemic racism could only be fought with education and not violent and nationwide protests. He referred to the policy of school choice endorsed by Trump as the only way to uproot racism from the minds of the Americans. In the same context, Barr said that he was not comfortable with the conduction of mail-in ballots, and would prefer it if the mail-in system is only reserved for individual cases to enable only those people who cannot step out to cast their vote.

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