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HR Business Partner: A Coalition Of Trust

Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough, so they don’t have to. Sir Richard Branson

The HR Business Partner: Overview

It is not the word “TRAINING” but “TREATMENT” that does the magic. Whatever gifts or rewards you shower on Employees, they may get forgotten over time, but the way you treat them, i.e., your own people, will never be.

The HR Business Partner: Setting The Stage

The role of Human Resource has evolved manifold. It is no more restricted to “hiring and firing.” Businesses have evolved too and so have the demands of managers put across the table. The continuous and mass exodus of skilled and trained manpower, despite a handsome remuneration, has not only been a heavy monetary blow to the organization but has also jeopardized organizational culture, reverence, and loyalty across all segments. The evolvement of HR Business Partner has got so reengineered that the term “ASSOCIATE” has replaced the word “Employee.”

The HR Business Partner: Redefining Definition

The HR Business Partner (HRBP) position is replete with responsibilities. An HRBP is a BRIDGE or the MENTOR that connects all functions within the organization with the sole objective of aligning organizational goals with those of Associates. The HR Business Partner position works in a partnership matrix that adds value to the business with no direct supervisory function. In a way, the HRBP regulates an equilibrium within the organizational environment to enable harmonious sustenance and growth of all functions. It does not encourage “Competition,” rather promotes “COLLABORATION.”

The HR Business Partner (HRBP): Exactly What Do I Do:

Apart from the rudimentary duties, HRBP exists to Counsel and Advise the Deputy HRs like in-line HR Managers, HR Associates, HR Assistants, etc.

what HR Business Partner do

This HRBP pivotal role calls for leadership involvement in the following:

  • Analyzing trends and offering counsel to develop solutions and reward programs.
  • Management and rapid resolution of complex Associate relations issues and grievance.
  • Undertaking thorough and objective investigations.
  • Maintaining adequate knowledge of legal requirements ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Motivating career development and disciplinary programs.
  • Working proactively with Management and Associates to improve relationships, increasing productivity.
  • Providing factual and practical HR policy guidance and interpretation.
  • Developing contract terms for new hires, promotions, and transfers.
  • Structuring viable resource planning and restructuring plans whenever called for.
  • Identifying training requirements at various levels.
  • Others as and when needed.

The HR Business Partner: Pre-Requisites

Human Resource has got elevated to HUMAN CAPITAL, and so HRBP must compulsorily own:

  • Exceptional written & verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and customer service expertise.
  • Meticulous organizational expertise and thoroughness & accuracy.
  • Exemplary talent for comprehension, interpretation of appropriate sections of applicable laws, regulations, policies, and ordinances.
  • Quick grasping of the hierarchy of company operations, jobs, qualifications, compensation practices, etc.
  • Exceptional time management skills.
  • Strong analytical and excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Proficient with contemporary and ever-changing technology suites.

In Black & White:

  • Bachelor’s degree preferably in Psychology
  • 5-Star rating in Psychometric Analysis
  • Certification or PGDM in Senior Certified HR Professional Program

HR Business Partner Vs. Other HR Roles

An HR Generalist, Associate, or HR Manager stays resolute in performing the standard operations of Recruiting, policy guidelines, discipline, and administrative issues. Their knowledge and areas of operation are restricted to generic matters with job allocations and goals assignment.

On the contrary, the portfolio of an HRBP centrally revolves around critical issues enumerated hereinabove especially getting involved with individual units within an organization, working with department managers, developing a plan to hire the right people with the apt skills needed.

The HR Business Partner: Articulation & Strategising

The role of HRBP is directly related to current and future business success, rising to the eminence of an operational and strategic resource position. However, it may be observed that the lines of distinction vary from one organization to another. However, the journey to this destination necessitates diplomacy and articulation in letter and spirit.

HR Business Partner As Business Influencers

HRBP have been instrumental in building a cohesive and progressive business model, making it sustainable on four pillars of: role-modeling, fostering understanding, and building confidence and skills. Companies like Pepsico, Google, Facebook are only some of the ever-lasting icons reinforced by expert HR Business Partners.

HR Business Partner – What Can An Associate Expect From Me?

  • A justified recruitment
  • A well-deserved remuneration
  • An unbiased treatment
  • A fair redressal of grievances
  • A progressive and cohesive environment
  • Recognition for Your Efforts

At the end of the day, you bet on people, not strategies. Lawrence Bossidy

Evaluate Your Ambassadors On A Mission

  • Have you pioneered the R&R (Reward and Recognition) Program?
  • Have you yourself and for others honed the skills of Learning and Development?
  • Have you enabled “Free Culture, Free Communication” within the Company?
  • Have you been instrumental in creating a diverse and inclusive environment?

If the answer to the above is yes, then you are free to join HR BUSINESS PARTNER CELEB CLUB

Blaire Palmer

Blaire Palmer – Leadership and change expert | CEO of That People Thing

An Authority on Leadership and a former BBC Journalist with 20 vast years of experience, Blaire is an author, speaker, and executive coach.

Gethin Nadin

Gethin Nadin – One of the world’s Top 100 Associate Engagement Influencers

A psychology graduate, frequent writer, and keynote speaker on Associate experience and Associate wellbeing. Gethin is a regular HR judge and a best-selling and award-winning HR author.

Emma Parry

Professor Emma Parry – Professor of HR Management,
Head of Changing World of Work Group at Cranfield School of Management

With crucial expertise on managing people, especially with regard to the influence of technological advancement and demographic trends.

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