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Powerspike Partners with Streamlabs to Bring Paid Sponsorships

Technology sponsorship marketplace and influencer marketing network Powerspike announced on Thursday that it has partnered with digital creators’ app store Streamlabs, to bring paid sponsorships to the platform. In the official tweet, Powerspike said that the partnership will bring added benefits to Streamlabs Prime members, including exclusive sponsorship campaigns, and priority consideration for sponsorships

Streamlabs is an app store that allows professional streamers to create engaging livestreams, offering several unique streaming-focused software features. The partnership with Powerspike will allow the streamers to access sponsorship opportunities and manage their sponsorship portfolios, through the Streamlabs OBS. Commenting on their partnership with Powerspike, Head of Products at Streamlabs, Ashray Urs stated that this will bring more opportunities for streamers to grow and propel their content channels. 

Based in New York, Powerspike has emerged as one of the leading smart influencer sponsorship platforms, which allows creators to connect with advertisers. The platform currently has over 25,000 influencers onboard, which have connected to some of the top sponsor brands and agencies across the globe. Powerspike Co-founder and CEO AJ Damiano said that the partnership will allow them to directly connect creators with brands for paid sponsorships. AJ further said,

AJ further said

Live streaming is one of the fastest growing segments in the digital content industry. While there has live streaming of podcasts through popular platforms like Spotify, WINk, etc., video live streaming has also gained significant traction in the past few years. One of the major video streaming applications, built on blockchain technology, DLive has become a popular alternative to YouTube and other similar platforms. 

However, the biggest hindrance for content creators for live streams has been finding sponsors, which restricts them to expand and develop their skills due to monetary constraints. This makes partnerships like the one between Streamlabs and Powerspike quite essential, and strategically important for the industry as a whole.

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