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Research Unveils Ecological Truth About Fuel-efficient Cars

The fuel-efficient cars leave a seriously harmful impact on the environment by releasing a significant amount of pollutants, stated a research conducted by Canadian researchers. The study was conducted by the researchers at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering by testing the emissions from gasoline direct injection engines or GDI.

GDI engines are small in size and offer enhanced efficiency by providing more miles per gallon along with more power output. There has been a significant rise in the sale of cars having GDI engines.

According to the reports, the GDI engines put fuel directly into the chambers to improve the burning process. These engines that were designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions released more soot and toxic substances like benzene and toluene.

These compounds hamper the environment cycles in a big way posing a major threat to the climatic changes. 

Wang Lin

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